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  15x7 Smoothie - 52 Series

All chrome standard offset with 1956 Chevy Cap
    15x7 Smoothie 51 Series

Powder Coated 51 Series, shown with '52 Chevy Cap
  14x7 Smoothie 51 Reverse

GM Rally
  55 Series - 15x8 Painted Rally

Shown with pop-in knock off and stainless trim ring
    55 Series - GM Rally

Shown here with Gear Derby and stainless trim ring
  55 Series Rally

With standard trim ring and police cap and bow tie
    55 Series 16x8 Rally

Grey powder coat stainless bow tie cap and trim ring
  57 Series - 14x7 Chrome Reserve

With Stainless Police Cap
  Milner Special - 32 Series

The chrome version of Stockton Wheel's nostalgia wheel is fully polished around the lug nut and center bore area for tht smooth and clean look. Available in 5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5, 5x5.5, and 6x5.5 bolt circles and rim sizes 14x5 thru 17x9. we have avariety of cool looking caps and trim rings so that you can "complete the wheel" Available in most sizes
    32 Series

Paint and powder coat available upon request
  The Henry - 36 Series

Wheel sizes 15" thru 17"
Available in 5x4.5, 5x4.75, and 5x5.5 Bolt Circles
    Henry Nostalgia Wheel 36 Series

Powder Coated 16x8 with Early Ford Cap and 3-rib hot rod trim ring.

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